2003 North American Market for Exterior Residential Siding

Ciprus Limited Announces the Completion of The 2002 North American Market for Exterior Residential Siding

Spring 2003 - Ciprus Limited LLC an Essex, CT a building product marketing research and consulting firm announces the completion of the first edition of Exterior Residential Cladding - A Multi-Sponsored Study of United States and Canadian Markets. The report, representing over 10 months of exhaustive research, including in excess of 1,750 in-depth telephone interviews and hundreds of hours of additional conversations and meetings with industry participants including building contractors across North America, is presented in one bound volume consisting of over 870 pages of detailed analysis in matrix format.

The study provides a thorough review of siding installations by residential non-tract general building contractors and siding contractors, residential tract builders and renovation and siding contractors. Cladding installations were documented in starter, move-up and luxury single family homes, multi family homes and renovation. Cladding products included in the research are: Brick, EIFS, Fiber Cement, Stucco, Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Hardboard, OSB and Steel.

The research was completed in 2 phases.

Phase 1  Presents the overall market size, share by cladding type, new construction versus renovation, distribution including specialty distributors versus retail. Data presented are based upon hundreds of hours of face to face and telephone discussions among the leading cladding industry participants across North America and represent their combined industry knowledge.

Phase 2  Is based upon an in-depth survey among 1,774 builder and contractor establishments in the United States and Canada. This phase analyzes, in matrix format by parameter, the number of contractors installing cladding by type, the units clad and the number of squares of cladding installed by:

    • 4 Contractor Types
    • 3 Establishment Types
    • 9 U.S. Census Regions and 2 Canadian Regions
    • 5 Housing Types
    • Related Products; Soffit, Trim, Fascia
    • New Construction vs Renovation

A copy of the completed study prospectus and pricing information may be ordered by direct request from the company (860)767-7685 or by e-mail at info@ciprus.com.